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Liuhuan Transmission (Xi'An) Technology Co.,Ltd

Liuhuan Transmission (Xi'An) Technology Co.,Ltd is wholly owned by Xi'An Jiahan Eletromechanical Technology Co.,Ltd. It is located Xi An, China. Liuhuan has three manufacturing bases with an area of 233,335㎡of land, and one R&D center serving the a number of fortune 500 companies are involved in many fields including wind power, rail transit, industrial automation, industry robot, hydraulics, and CNC transmission.

The E/C/N full series involute planetary gear structure high-precision gear box independently developed and manufactured by Liuhuan Transmission have performance and quality that have reached or even exceeded the current international level, and have been highly recognized by many users in the industry and third-party testing agencies. In the field of precision gear box for industrial robot arm, its involute three-stage planetary reduction structure has superior performance: it adopts a more reasonable transmission structure, a better transmission calculation method, and a higher-precision parts processing technology. Compared with cycloidal structure products, its performance indicators such as torsional rigidity, transmission efficiency, and service life have been greatly improved.

Liuhuan Transmission has also developed and manufactured the AJ series precision planetary gear box with more scientific interface size and internal structure, which enables it to achieve torsional rigidity, transmission efficiency, and service life on the basis of smaller size, lighter weight, and higher power density. The overall performance indicators exceed the current industry level, reducing more costs and adding higher performance to your products.

In the field of wind power, yaw pitch gear box, speed increasing gear box and other products manufactured by Liuhuan have been recognized and adopted by many enterprises and institutions, providing efficient and economical technical support and solutions for global clean energy.

In future, Liuhuan Transmission will take Industry 4.0 as the core to build a high-quality and large-scale global intelligent manufacturing factory, and is committed to becoming a global leader in new power transmission.

Industrial Robot Transmission Technical Solution

Original design. Independent structure

High precision. High stiffness. High efficiency

Wind Power Energy Transmission Technical Solution

Domestic. International patent

Large speed ratio.  Small size.  High efficiency

Front of Machine Tool Application Solution

More smaller .  More lighter  

More power density. More cost-effective

CNC Machine Tool  Rotary Table Application Solution

Original design. Patent product

Zero backlash. Smaller size . High efficiency

The best choice for import substitution

Precision CNC Machining Robot

Fill industry gaps

Achieve greater possibilitie

Providing independent innovative technologies and efficient solutions to the global transmission field

Providing independent innovative technologies and efficient solutions to the global transmission field

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